What Does It Take To Start A Hotel?

You need money to start a hotel. Next question becomes,nce you have sufficient money what must you do to be successful and keep things running!

Money, Location, Management and more Money

Unfortunately, way too many hotels are ‘started’ by people who are completely unmindful of the fact that they could need anything more than that. Even more unfortunately, the ending is frequently a disappointing, if not unhappy, one in such cases.

"You posted this question – whoever you are – anonymously, so I’m going to make certain (hopefully accurate) assumptions about you, in an attempt (hopefully appropriate) to make it a little easier for me to answer your question intelligently."


Element is compelling for longer stay and overnight travelers alike with nothing else like it in the marketplace. Element has pioneered smart, eco-friendly, sustainable design and transformed the extended-stay space without compromising the guest experience.


Even though this article was written two years ago, the advice is sound and correct.  Read the Answers provided by Michael Forrest Jones or Beechmont Hotels Corporation . . . .


Source:  Michael Forrest Jones

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