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Best Western Hotels

Western hospitality begun in 1946 and has more than 4,100 independently owned and operated hotels worldwide.  The company has more than 80 Best Western Premier luxury branded hotels, which offer upscale amenities and services, in North America, Asia, and Europe. Best Western is organized as a not-for-profit membership association (not a franchise).

In 2002, Best Western International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. (The other hotels in the chain were known as Best Western.) In 2011, the chain's branding system-wide changed to a three-tiered system: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

Best Western charges its franchisees a rate that is based on an initial cost plus a fee for each additional room. Best Western also publishes a list of standards that each hotel needs to maintain.  The hotels are allowed to keep their independent identity. Though they must use Best Western signage and identify themselves as a Best Western hotel, the hotels are allowed the option of using their own independent name as part of their identity.

In the USA, hotel properties can either be traditional roadside motels, motor inns, or full-service hotels. Outside the United States, the properties are mainly hotels. More than 90% of Best Western hotels in Europe have 3 or 4 star ratings.  Best Western provides reservation and brand identity services for all of its worldwide hotels from multilingual reservation centers in Phoenix, USA and in  and Milan, Italy.

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