Wingate Hotel New Construction

Once you have signed to develop a new construction Wingate Hotel, Wyndham's Architecture, Design, and Construction (AD&C) professionals take the lead. This highly skilled team offers deep brand expertise and industry knowledge to support your AD&C needs. Call or text us to discuss this process 1-727-771-9000.

Site Selection

Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the top selection criteria for travelers when choosing a hotel. And yes, location has a big impact on the demand your hotel will generate, and therefore will influence the price you can ask in the market for your rooms. Hence when starting a new hotel, the site selection process is a key step that should not be taken too lightly.  Read more

Our firm has more than 40 years of extensive Site Selection experience both in the USA and in the international market.  We are headquartered in the State of Florida and know our region well.  So, if you wish to develop a new franchise hotel in the State of Florida, we have the expertise to get the job well.  Call or text us at +1-727-771-9000 /  Email: