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Golf courses for sale in Florida. Find a curated list of profitable golf courses and great investment opportunities.

Golf Courses for sale in Florida.  Prime Sites USA® sells golf courses, franchise hotels, resorts, and land for development. If you wish to buy, sell or build a golf course resort, send us an email at

Golf Courses Listings

Not too long ago many residential developments in Florida featured golf courses as an incentive for new home and lot sales. However, today these once flourishing fairways, greens, and clubhouses are being decommissioned...

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Golf Course Homes

The demand for golf memberships in master-planned communities has declined by more 50%. For many courses, owners cannot operate profitably under any business plan. As such, golf course owners may want to consider the alternative of redevelopment for other...

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Golf Course Building Lots

At Prime Sites USA, we have decades of experience and industry knowledge to help golf course owners, sellers and buyers explore, evaluate and implement the redevelopment strategies that align with their needs and challenges...

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Florida Golf Course Links

Florida Golf Course Links below: Golf courses for sale. Florida golf courses for sale. Prime Sites USA sells Florida golf courses. To buy, sell or to develop a Florida golf course, contact us via Email:

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Repurposing of USA Golf Courses

More than 1300 golf courses have closed in USA since 2007. Below are several past events that have addressed the issue of alternative use of or the repurposing of golf courses. Some may be a bit old, but the decline of golf courses will continue...

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Franchise hotels, marinas and golf courses for sale in Florida and in Costa Rica. Prime Sites USA® develops, manages and sells golf courses, airports, hotels and resorts in the USA as well as in Costa Rica. If you wish to buy, sell or build a hotel or a golf course, we have the expertise to guide you to a successful conclusion.