Papagayo Luxury Oceanview

They live in one of the best luxury communities, on the quietest beach in Costa Rica

Playa Panamá, Sardinal, Carrillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Papagayo Luxury Oceanview

The Hacienda del Mar is planned community comprising 84-acre consisting of 35 separate developable lots, ranging in size from approximately one-quarter of an acre to 4.5 acres. Currently it features finished luxury ocean view condominiums overlooking Playa Panama and the entire Papagayo Bay aka Bahia Culebra with the Papagayo Peninsula (home to the 4 seasons hotel) in the background. This luxury gated community features underground utilities, an amazing club house and infinity community pool, tennis courts, gardens and 24 hr security.


In addition to the condo project are 35 lots for development, there is substantial acreage set aside for a community sales and marketing center, the clubhouse/restaurant complex, private roads, water retention ponds, waste treatment facilities, and green space.

All infrastructure needed for development of the entire project is complete and paid for. All 35 of the lots for development already have received their water allocations from the municipality, which is a huge plus in the area. The 84-acre Hacienda del Mar site is planned to be the first part of a two-part development. The second part of the overall development is located across the highway from the Hacienda site and consists of approximately an additional 340-acre site that will also be developed in the future as residential and commercial projects. A good portion of this second part of the development will be a semi-private golf course that will border the Hacienda project on two sides, and be available to residents and guests of Hacienda del Mar.

Most of the lots for development in the Hacienda project are designed and platted as residential lots, consisting of single-family homes, attached villas or "casitas", duplex townhomes, and condominiums. Three of the 35 sites are designated for commercial development, including the already existing sales and office center, and an additional two sites are currently designated as locations for boutique hotels, including our Radisson site. After completion of the infrastructure of the project, the office/sales center, and the clubhouse/restaurant building, development was slowed by the slowdown in the world economy, and particularly the slowdown in the real estate market. As the local economy has begun growing again, interest in available real estate in the area has begun to grow exponentially, which has caused several of the owners of parcels within the Hacienda development to begin the process of preparing for construction. In Costa Rica, this entire process can take a substantial amount of time, sometimes as much as a year and even longer. The developers of the Jaguar and Toucan parcels within the Hacienda development have already started this process, and because of their early start, are substantially ahead of other developers both within the Hacienda development, and in the area.

The Hacienda del Mar development is located at the intersection of the highway from the Liberia International Airport and the beach road that stretches from the Secrets Hotel at Playa Panama, south to Playa Hermosa and then onwards to Playa Coco. The main entrance to the development is an easy 15-minute drive from the airport. The entire Hacienda del Mar development looks out over Playa Panama and its beaches, and across the Bay of Papagayo to the Four Seasons Resort, one of them is the 5 star Hotel Radisson Blue, brings an excellent investment program unique and exclusive to the owners of the community, you can add your condo to the hotel's rental program and they will manage everything for you to have a hassle free rent, the opening of the Radisson Blue Hotel is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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About the Area

Playa Panama is a quiet beach, in which you can relax as it is less crowded than some of its neighboring beaches, Playa Panama is ideal for those who want to enjoy the authentic Costa Rica, it is considered a family beach and activities such as swimming they are considered very safe as it has low tide. In addition, there are many fascinating hikes and excursions to do just around the corner, it has many boutique resorts nearby, plus the Pacific Ocean is known for its sunsets and serene atmosphere.

It is a five minute drive from Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco and other smaller beaches. Some of the best national parks in Costa Rica are also in the area. For example, Marino Las Baulas, where leatherback turtles come to spawn. Also the Costa Esmeralda Refuge. Further inland is Rincón de la Vieja, an incredible volcano worth visiting! This park has outstanding landscapes and a waterfall. Playa Panama is beautiful for swimming, and snorkeling! You can also take long walks along the shore! The list is endless!

The Hacienda del Mar development is located at the intersection of the highway from the Liberia International Airport and the beach highway that runs from the Hotel Secrets in Playa Panama, south to Playa Hermosa and then to Playa Coco. The main entrance to the development is a 15 minute drive from the airport. The entire development faces Playa Panamá and its beaches, and across Papagayo Bay to the Four Seasons Resort, about three miles away in a straight line.

Map & Distances

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Closest Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional de Liberia - 15.00 km (9.32 mi)
Closest Hospital
Hospital Metropolitano - 27.00 km (16.78 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Auto Mercado - 10.00 km (6.21 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Hermosa Height - 5.00 km (3.11 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Bomba - 10.00 km (6.21 mi)